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Creating the narrative...
We work with museums and their partners in developing exhibitions, narrative and content.

An recent example would be when we were asked to help with the exhibition planning for a dinosaurs exhibition for the Natural History Museum / Hampshire County Council / SeaCity Museum.
Once the narrative had been created, we worked on exhibition layouts for several venues, and developed the branding and suggested key loans requirements to ensure the exhibition had the wow factor!

Overarching narrative

Dinosaur Encounter' will bring the largest,
most magnificent land animals ever to walk the Earth to life - right here in Hampshire.

Moving, roaring animatronic dinosaur models from the Natural History Museum will attract families to a multi-site exhibition that will weave science and spectacle into an interactive, entertaining and inspiring experience. Augmenting the NHM Dinosaur Encounter collection, loans from regional institutions will immerse visitors in the story of how we came to understand and be captivated by dinosaurs, and engage families with the cutting edge of dinosaur discoveries today.

The story of British palaeontology is one of the most explosive and fascinating in the history of science. The south coast of England has a unique heritage as the scene of many discoveries that helped transform our understanding of the ancient past, and of ourselves. Today the Jurassic Coast and the Isle of Wight continue to attract fossil hunters from around the world, and world-class research flourishes at institutions such as The National Oceanography Centre at the University of Southampton.

Hampshire is therefore ideally placed as a location to engage new audiences with the excitement and significance of palaeontology, from its radical beginnings to its critical role in understanding the challenges our planet faces now.
The hire of the Natural History Museum's Dinosaur Encounter collection of animatronic dinosaurs offers an opportunity to build a multi-faceted dual-site exhibition around an awesomely appealing main 'draw'. Dinosaurs have captured the public imagination ever since they were first described in the nineteenth century, and this stunning collection is designed to adapt to creative exhibition concepts. The idea behind 'Summer of Dinosaurs' is to place the animatronic models at the heart of the story of palaeontology, rather than presenting a conventional dinosaur display.

The combination of the very different, but complementary, sites at Milestones and SeaCity creates a unique setting to explore the breakthroughs, controversies and personalities of palaeontology in the nineteenth century and today. Here, the dinosaurs can be the stars of a story that includes people and ideas that changed the world, and new discoveries that continue to surprise us.

Many thanks to Katherine Findley who helped us develop the exhibition themes and narrative for this exciting project.


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